What to Sell on Amazon?

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Trying to figure out what to sell on Amazon can be a herculean project for everybody who would not understand the way to go about it. Maybe you've even asked yourself, what product do I sell on Amazon? As a supplier on the online retail outlet, it's vital to understand what to promote so you can get the most profit.

Amazon is the biggest retail outlet in the world and there are about four hundred million individual products available at the platform. All forms of sellers at the platform typically have hassle creating a desire at the items to promote on amazon. Reality is recommended, it is tough to navigate via all of the niches and figuring out the exceptional for you.

In this article, we are going to help you pick out the amazing merchandise to promote on amazon. To assist you to decide, we're going to look at the best selling products and offer you with a few hints on what to do.

What are the Top Selling Categories on Amazon?

Don't be misguided into thinking you don't need to pay attention to Amazon's top seller list. It's actually where all the action takes place. Taking a look at what's going on in the best sellers list can be the inspiration you need to come up with your own product.

Toys and Games

This a product vicinity of interest that does not disappoint. Even whilst toy shops are becoming closed, the on-line marketplace is as warm as ever. Toys and video games are a brilliant niche to break into due to its loss of complexity. The sale of toys online happens inside the shape of the cycle; a growth in the income of toys and video video games will cause the bad overall performance of the retail hold and vice versa. If you manage to get your product into this market, you may right away enjoy a fanbase of humans, who likes your product. But, you have to also anticipate stiff competition from the pinnacle blog names.


Electronics is a niche that is filled with a top-notch quantity of amazon-owned products. With the useful resource of default, you may count on it to be a difficult market to break into. It is encouraged you stay clear off this niche unless you have got a first-rate product in your fingers. Although, Amazon might also purchase your product for a large amount of cash.

best product to sell on amazon

Camera & Photo

I'm pretty sure you would be able to wriggle into this niche. The camera & photo category consists of items such as home cameras, disposable cameras, and even the unique ones.

A tech expert can add an upgrade to some old tech and turn it into a new product. There are also name brands in this niche but not many household brands.

Video Games

This comprises of video games, consoles, and even gift cards. This is not a niche for you unless you're a new video game company. There's not much to do here.


Basically, this is one in all the first-rate classes for new corporations to earn some profit. The manner of selling a book won't be similar to that of different products but there may be certainly a few cash there. Amazon has made it easy for all of us to self-publish a book on the platform.

best product to sell on amazon

There's a lot of opportunities here and all that's left is the right type of entrepreneur.

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry is any other category which is easy for marketers to break in. Take note that this niche is packed with many manufacturers already. You should come up with a brand new product concept or the possibility will become wasted potential.

If you're not still convinced about what to sell, you can pick something by following these steps:

  1. Search with an Amazon Keyword Research Tool.
  2. Look for low competition which triggers different product ads on Google.
  3. Find out EBay's best selling products.
  4. Search for Amazon Reviews on Ali Baba
  5. Look at Amazon best selling categories
  6. Make use of Jungle Scout to find niches with low competition.
  7. Search for the top topics on Google Trends.
  8. Go through Amazon Listings.


Amazon is a big market place. Sometimes you may need help finding your way around and deciding what to sell. Don't panic. I believe with this article, you currently know a way to decide the product to introduce into the Amazon marketplace.

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