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written on 07/Saturday/March/2020 09:56

Amazon has more than a hundred million products and hundreds of millions of shoppers every month. This makes it the epicenter of e-commerce at the moment. If you want to be part of the game you need to equip yourself very well because there is a lot to miss out on.

Of course, the competition is fierce; there are more than two and a half million sellers on the platform as well. And some of them are making huge profits. What is the secret? Well, one thing is for sure, it is not only about the best products, the marketing strategy is also important.


This is exactly where tools like Viral Launch can be of great help. They are more like intelligent software that provides a good overview and context. Viral Launch has helped many sellers turn opportunities into great profits.

Let’s see how effective Viral Launch really is and what benefits it has for the sellers.


What is Viral Launch

 Viral Launch is a tool that provides valuable insights. Because of its data integration it is easy to use and quite effective. With this tool sellers can assess various points of view of the market and discover new opportunities, spy on competitors, monitor the progress of their business and optimize product listings.

The software is an all-in-one tool that combines multiple functions into one system. The best part is that the insights from one of the tools can be used by the rest which adds value across the different functionalities. There is one main goal and it is to optimize the sales.

Viral Launch Features

 Viral Launch’s tools will help sellers in their journey to success on Amazon. These tools include a keyword manager, Kinetic PPC suite, listing builder, split testing, keyword research, competitor intelligence and product discovery tool. And although these may seem standard functions that you can find in many other tools, Viral Launch has much more to offer.

 In addition to these tools, Viral Launch offers a wide variety of additional services. They are part of the different Viral Launch packages and are optional.

 Some of the most used ones are the product launch services, product photography, listing optimization, Kinetic managed services etc.

 All in all, Viral Launch is a comprehensive Amazon suite that covers a lot of the information and intelligence that a seller would like to find in a tool.

 Let’s take a more in-depth look into some of its main features.

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Viral Launch Keyword Research

 The keyword research tool helps sellers identify the search phrases that they can use to rank and capture a specific audience.

The tool has a massive database of Amazon search data that gets scanned and analyzed for the potential impact of different keywords and the historic relevance trends. The keyword data gets updated pretty regularly, so sellers can rely that it is up to date and accurate. The insights you get are quite helpful. One of the important features is the keyword research for competitors and the variations they are ranking for.

 Another great feature is that the tool can dive deep not only in organic terms but also into PPC keywords. The search results can be downloaded in CSV file for further analysis.

The keyword research tool can be integrated with other functionality for additional insights.

Viral Launch Product Discovery

 Choosing the right product is detrimental for the success of your Amazon business. Even the best marketing strategy cannot guarantee good results if you are dealing with items that are not in demand. So, discovering a best seller is the first and most important step.

The Viral Launch product discovery tool gives a holistic perspective on this process. It combines the demand with different factors and gives a very good context. This tool helps you assess the potential of every item of interest. The insights are accurate and real-time.


Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

Here is the tool that will help you spy on the competition. In fact, Viral Launch does a pretty good job at that. It will monitor the competitors and notify you as soon as the rankings shift. With this tool you will be able to spy on competitors’ strategies like their keywords for example.

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Viral Launch Pricing

 Viral Launch has four plans: Beginners, Pro, Brand builder and Kinetic.

The beginners plan is an excellent choice for entry-level Amazon sellers. It can be billed monthly or annually and has all necessary functionality – competitors, product idea score, and product discovery and market intelligence.

The Pro, Brand builder and Kinetic plans are more expensive but also include more professional features and are a good choice for more advanced sellers.

Viral Launch Review Conclusion

 Viral Launch is not exactly a tool but a complete suite with many independent components. However, the entire system is fully integrated and everything works well together towards the goals of the seller.

The tool covers a total of 8 marketplaces among which Italy, USA, France, Spain, Canada, Germany, UK and Mexico.

In this context product discovery is the most important function of them all. This is the area in which Viral Launch has managed to outshine the competition.

The Viral Launch Chrome Extension is quite reliable and works great when it comes to discovering new product opportunities.

Viral Launch is an excellent tool for the product launch stage but unfortunately there is not much that it can do after the launch of the Amazon FBA products.

All in all, the tool is a reliable option for beginner Amazon sellers who are set for success on the world’s biggest marketplace.



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