Is Helium 10 the Next Jungle Scout?

written on 27/Thursday/February/2020 08:41

Helium 10

Any time you want to make some money off Amazon, you have to decide what you want to sell. Deciding on a product was once troublesome; however, technology never ceases to amaze. Today, you will come across multiple product research tools, some you have heard off, some not yet. One tool, Helium 10 , appears to get some attention online when it comes to Amazon research, which is why we are reviewing for you today.

 Helium Brief History

Helium is an Amazon tool of product research developed by Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol. Manny was once an Amazon seller who, in his endeavor to sell on Amazon, felt there was a need for a tool to improve sales on Amazon. With the help of Guillermo, they created Scribbles to boost Amazon sales. At the time, they did everything from their living room, but like any committed businessmen, they ended up creating Helium 10. Helium 10 is today quite used in the market. Talking about its features is, therefore, worth it for you.

Unique Features of Helium 10

The best way of understanding Helium 10 is by looking at its features. Here, we will talk to you precisely about the features, also referred to as Helium 10 tools .

  • X-Ray

This feature gives you precisely what you need to know about the product, the sales trends, analytics of sponsored ads, price of the product, and estimates of revenue, among others. The tool works well after you have narrow your search with the black box feature.

  • Black Box

This feature is the center of everything in the Helium 10. The black box scans ASINs up to a tune of 450 million products giving you some of the most performing ones on Amazon. Moreover, you get to use smart filters that allow you to choose products based on sales, price, and weight.

  • Review Downloader

Here you get to choose good consumers and use their recommendations to make useful adjustments to your product experience, encouraging more future purchases.

  • Celebro

Being able to know what keywords boost your competitor’s sales can help you a lot. Helium 10 Celebro sniffs your competitor’s keywords alongside the search volumes. All you need is to copy those keywords and offer great competition.

  • Scribbles

Sometimes you may not be able to notice that your listing may have some issues. Scribbles scans your listing and offers you recommendations to what you can do to improve the listing. Recommendations may be keywords and search terms.

  • Profitability Calculator

This tool allows you to know how much you will make from the product. The calculation is made in relation to your performance analytics.

  • Inventory Protector

Competition on Amazon can, at times, get messy with other competitors posing as buyers and killing your stock. This feature allows you to limit the much someone can buy to protect stock from fraudulent buyers.

  • Trendster

One of the ways you can make money on online shopping stores is by targeting seasons and holidays. Trendster allows you to know the product that sells a lot during those seasons, allowing you to list them on time.

Helium 10 is made of up to 20 special features in the form of tools that perform unique functions. The above are but a few. The rest are namely Frankenstein, magnet, inventory levels, keyword tracker, follow up, refund genie, alerts, and profits features. 

Pricing of Helium 10

The payment plan is divided into four categories. The Helium 10 pricing categories are as follows:

  1. The free plan comes with a limited number of privileges and is to acquaint you with the tool. 
  2. Secondly is the Platinum Plan, which costs $97 monthly charge.
  3. Another plan is the Diamond Plan at $197 and comes with multiple capabilities and serves multiple business needs.
  4. The last plan is the Elite Plan, which costs $397.This plan comes with training, networking, and access to all the features. If you want to enter fully into FBA business, this is the best place to start.


Helium 10 comes with a limitless pool of features for any Amazon seller to use. Proper product research can be the foundation of a successful Amazon business. Helium 10 has all it takes to start your making waves with your Amazon account. Helium 10 Reviews like this one can help you make that choice. 

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