MEF awards nearly $ 600K in scholarships to Morristown High Class of ’22

From the Morris Educational Foundation:


Over $ 577K Awarded at June 14 Senior Awards Night

Morristown – As the 2022 school year comes to a close, the Morris Educational Foundation (MEF) is proud to announce it has awarded over $ 577,000 in scholarships to 29 outstanding Morristown High School seniors to support their academic pursuits.

The MEF, a non-profit organization enhancing excellence in education in the Morris School Districthonored the deserving students and its generous donors during the high school’s in-person scholarship award night on June 14.

The MEF has generous donors, many of whom are alumni of Morristown High School, who have invested in the future of our Morris School District students.

Twenty-nine individuals received scholarships ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 100,000. Three students received full-ride scholarships to attend New Jersey state universities thanks to the generous Steinberg Family (Robert Steinberg – Class of 1969, Julian Steinberg – Class of 1973, and Andy Steinberg – Class of 1975) who funded three Judy and Eliot Steinberg Scholarships in honor of their parents.

“It was an incredible honor to award 30 scholarships to this amazing class of students who have shown great determination to achieve their aspirations despite the academic and social challenges they have faced during the pandemic,” he said. Molly ServaisMorris Educational Foundation scholarship chair and member of the Morris Educational Foundation Board of Trustees.

“We are very grateful to our scholarship donors who are positively impacting the lives of these deserving students as they continue their educational journey.”

As the leading provider of scholarships for Morristown High School students, the MEF is proud to offer numerous opportunities for seniors and the largest award of scholarship dollars to the class. Thanks to local organizations, alumni and individuals, the MEF can provide support to ease their financial burden while they achieve their dreams in college and beyond.

The Morris Educational Foundation is proud to congratulate the following 2022 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Judy and Eliot Steinberg Scholarship – Up to $ 25,000 annually for 4 years

Presented to Keydi Osorio Melgar and Caroline Ocloo who plan to attend The College of New Jersey, as well as Juan Cardoza Rodriguez who will study at Rutgers University.

  • The Carl George & Shirley L. Eklund Scholarship – Up to $ 25,000 annually for 4 years

Given to Janelle Foster who will be studying Education at Hofstra University.

  • Clifford Starrett Scholarship – $ 80,000 ($ 20,000 annually for 4 years)

Awarded to Emese Darkozci who intends to major in English and Psychology at Dickinson College.

  • Wong Family Scholarship $ 24,000 ($ 6,000 annually for 4 years)

A merit-based scholarship awarded to Milind Bangalore, the MHS Valedictorian attending Princeton University.

  • The Banky Family Scholarship – $ 20,000 ($ 5,000 annually renewable for 4 years)

Presented to Eric Granados who will be studying engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

  • George and Michele Becker Scholarship – $ 12,000 ($ 3,000 annually for 4 years)

Awarded to Bayliss Simon as an Architecture major at Virginia Tech.

  • Stephen B. Wiley Scholarship – $ 8,000 ($ 4,000 annually for 2 years)

Presented to Christopher Ruiz for his community-minded leadership both inside and outside the school who will attend Harvard University as an Engineering, Law and Government major.

  • Capt. Brian J. McNally USMC Scholarship – $ 5,000 ($ 1,000 per year for 3 years and $ 2,000 for the 4th year)

Given to Jordyn Carmel, for demonstrating a dedicated community service, who will study at The University of Delaware.

  • Dorothy F. Johnson Scholarship – $ 3,500 ($ 1,750 annually for 2 years)

Awarded to Julian Lorenzo who intends to study Global Management at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Spring Brook Foundation Scholarship – $ 3,000

Given to Kevin Escobar, for demonstrating service to the community, who will attend Fairleigh Dickinson University.

  • Javier Avelar Scholarship – Up to $ 2,500

Presented to Angie Machado, a first-generation student who plans to pursue Political Science at Rutgers University.

  • Class of ’79 Morris 8 Scholarship – $ 1,979

Given to Sophia Gonzalez who will attend Temple University and study Political Science in the Pre-Law Track.

  • James B. Galbraith Jr. Scholarship – $ 1,500

Awarded to Taylor VanderGroef who plans to major in Biology at The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Morristown High School Class of 2020 Resilience Scholarship – $ 1,500

Awarded to Lesley Gonzalez who will be attending County College of Morris.

  • Morris Educational Foundation Scholarship in Honor of Ricky Godoy – $ 1,500

Presented by Ricky’s Compass Inc. to Kasey Lynch who will attend The University of Michigan majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience.

  • John T. Cunningham Scholarship – $ 1,250

Given to John Mustion as he pursues Broadcast Journalism and Film at The University of Miami.

  • AT&T Pioneers Scholarship – $ 1,000

Offered to Audrey Fox for her dedication to community service who plans to study Marine Biology and Ichthyology at The University of New England.

  • Mary Bentzlin Scholarship – $ 1,000

Awarded to Seton Stanton who will attend The University of Vermont as a Political Science major with a goal towards public service.

  • Bruce Chamberlain Scholarship – $ 1,000

Presented to Nathan Creamer who plans to study Architectural Engineering at Drexel University.

  • Douenias Family Scholarship for Scholar Athletes – $ 1,000

Given to Elizabeth Scheer who will be attending Oberlin College.

  • The Ferrara-Myers Grandparents Scholarship – $ 1,000

Presented to Patrick Schneider who will attend The University of Vermont as an Engineering major.

  • Hess-Mulcahy Scholarship – $ 1,000

Given to Maris Wheeler who will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

  • Estelle Walker Hinkins Memorial Scholarship – $ 1,000

Awarded to Janelle Foster who will be studying Education at Hofstra University.

  • William Darell Johnson “Let’s Get It Going!” Memorial Scholarship – $ 1,000

Presented to Taylor McNichol who will be attending Monmouth University as a Special Education major.

  • Ruth Marantz Cohen French Award – $ 1,000

Given to Emily Hyman, a Business Administration major who will attend the Paris School of Business.

  • Morristown Animal Hospital Animal Welfare Scholarship – $ 1,000

Awarded to Alexandra Lysiak who will attend the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

  • Coach Gil Shaffer Scholarship – $ 1,000

Given to Meghan Young who plans to study at Lehigh University.

  • Shirley Shalit Scholarship – $ 1,000

Presented to Benjamin Yurek who will major in Linguistics and Japanese at The University of Vermont.

Scholarship donors, students and their families celebrated their scholarship awards at a breakfast reception sponsored by the MEF on Thursday, June 16.

In the Morris Educational Foundation’s scholarship history spanning 21 years, the organization has awarded over $ 2 million in student scholarships. To view the full list of present and past award winners, click here. Families, individuals or organizations interested in donating to or creating a scholarship can learn more by visiting

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