How to wash and properly cook mushrooms

I’ve never understood why people hate mushrooms. We all have our preferences, but mushrooms, with their rich, umami flavor and distinct texture, deserve more love.

Mushrooms do get a reputation for being slimy, but excess moisture is usually the culprit there. Here’s how to stop it.

First, don’t wash them. Instead, brush off any visible dirt with a pastry brush. Or don’t, really. Many store-bought mushrooms such as cremini, portobello or white button are grown in sanitized peat.

If you’re working with big old portobello mushroom caps, go ahead and scrape away the gills. They can harbor bits of grit, sure, but it’s more likely they’ll turn your food an unappetizing brown.

Worried about bacteria? Cooking should take care of that. I don’t believe mushrooms should be eaten raw. Stop putting them in salads. They’re not even good like that.

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