10 Best Recipes In Cooking Mama: Cuisine!

The biggest twist Cooking Mama: Cuisine! brings to the Cooking Mama series is not Instagram-esque filters or an exciting new locale. Not only is Cooking Mama: Cuisine! only for mobile, it has been released exclusively for Apple Arcade subscribers.

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While some fans might lament the next Cooking Mama title not being available for Nintendo Switch, the great thing about Cooking Mama coming to mobile is the promise of recurring updates. You can find empty spots in every recipe book with the text “Coming Soon”, seeming to hint that new recipes and more are in the near future. As we wait for news of more delicious treats, here are some of the best recipes to make in Cooking Mama: Cuisine!


10 Churrasco

Everyone loves a good barbecue. Cooking Mama introduces us to this specific style of grilling popular in Brazil and Argentina. While many types of meat are traditionally used in Churrasco, you can discover this recipe by choosing beef and pork from your daily ingredients.

What makes Churrasco different from other types of barbecue is that the meat is typically skewered and grilled above an open flame. This makes the mini-game for this recipe particularly fun, especially the step in which you must time the moment you skewer each “kabob” of meat perfectly.

9 Tonkatsu

Cooking Mama demystifies the process behind cooking one of Japan’s most popular dishes. At the end of the day, Tonkatsu is simply a deep-fried pork cutlet, and all you need to unlock this recipe is pork, flour, eggs, and a pot.

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What makes Tonkatsu different from your common fried pork is the traditionally homemade panko style of breadcrumbs that gives the fried cutlets their signature flaky crust. This recipe shows just how easy Tonkatsu is to make at home.

8 Samosa

You probably never pictured yourself making your own Samosas from scratch. With some flour, onion, potato, spices, and a potyou are only a few steps away from making a Samosa for the first time.

The best part of this recipe is the step in which you learn to fold your potato filling into that signature Samosa “dumpling” shape. After discovering this recipe, you will never want to buy your Samosas frozen again.

7 Cabbage Roll

Another international variation on dumplings makes its way into Cooking Mama with Cabbage Rolls. This Polish dish, typically known as Golumpki, takes cabbage, pork, onion, tomato, and a pot to cook. Traditionally, Cabbage Rolls can be filled with either minced pork or beef.

There are nine steps in total to cooking this recipe but for those unfamiliar with Polish cuisine, it is interesting to learn just how simple its ingredients are.

6 Indonesian Fried Rice

Who does not love fried rice? To whip up this dish, you will need to have beef, rice, a grinder, and a pan in your daily ingredients. What makes Indonesian Fried Rice stand out is the sauce it’s cooked in, which Cooking Mama introduces as a blend of oyster sauce, fish sauce, chili sauce, and sugar, undoubtedly giving the rice a sweet but spicy flavor.

The best part of the recipe is at the end when you get to try your hand at tossing the rice in the pan just like you see the professionals do.

5 Falafel

A staple of every halal cart, it turns out that making Falafel is surprisingly simple. Found under the “healthy recipes” cookbook, you will need beans, onion, garlic, a pot, and a blender to discover this dish.

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The beauty of Falafel is that once you have all the ingredients, all you truly need to do is chop them up and throw them in a blender. Shaping the Falafel into balls is also incredibly satisfying.

4 Jambalaya

You might think of Jambalaya as being a spicy rice dish with an assortment of meat, most notably shrimp, sausage, and chicken. For Cooking Mama’s take on Jambalaya, you will only need rice, onion, chicken, spices, and a pan.

It feels a little goofy to snip all the sausage links yourself, but the final product of delicious savory rice with sliced ​​chicken and a spicy red sauce drizzled on top is well worth it.

3 Egg Tart

Baking Cooking Mama’s Egg Tarts gives us a better appreciation for why Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender loved his egg custard so much. For those unfamiliar with the dish, it might seem a little strange, but this rich and custard-y baked treats are popular not only in Hong Kong but in Portugal as well.

To try it for yourself, you will need eggs, flour, milk, and an oven among your daily ingredients in order to unlock this recipe from the “egg recipes” cookbook.

2 Donuts

Not only does Cooking Mama show us how to make traditional cake donuts, complete with powdered sugar and chocolate frosted variation, but you can also discover a vegan version of the recipe for “Soy Milk Donuts”.

To make the classic donut, combine eggs, flour, milk, and a pot. If you want to discover more variations, do not be afraid to make the same recipe twice! Who knows what you will find.

1 I’m Milk Pancakes

For all our vegans and lactose sufferers out there, here comes a sweet treat that you can actually enjoy. According to Cooking Mama, all you need is some flour, soy milk, and a pan to whip up some amazing pancakes.

If you can get your hands on the rest of Cooking Mama’s vegan ingredients, including vegan butter and coconut milk for some extra whipped cream, this would be a great recipe to try out for yourself.

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